Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Happiest Country in Asia?

Thanks to Corbie for sending this in :-

The Happiest Country in Asia


yskat said...

Country study for the MTV generation: short, simplistic and has nothing new to say. If only life in Singapore was that simple.

Anonymous said...

How many Singaporeans really speak their mind in public?

Happy in materialistic comfort but we are getting more and more mentally sick with increasing burden on mental health professionals and an alarming high suicide rate amongst the elderly.

How can we be happy as we get more and more sardine packed!

Just look at any study on the psychology of urban living vs rural living. We are 100% urbanised!

calsifer said...

Something's not right with that assertation :P

eslina said...

We are so happy that we complain and whine for the littlest things... worse than people in countries where there's war, natural disaster and hunger... very ironic indeed..

Dawn said...

It seems no one thinks we're the happiest country in Asia :)

I have to agree that we are, most of us, very fortunate, in that our needs are taken care of - but happy? That's something different altogether.