Friday, January 18, 2008

Taipei officials urge people to sterilise cats

This came via Becky from Alley Cat Allies - thank you. Check out this story about Taipei - true right now the budget is insufficient (and the number of traps is lower than the number we have) but I really like that officials are urging members of the public to go out and sterilise one cat each and to control the issue in a humanitarian manner!


yskat said...

I've always loved Taipei. It's vibrant, spontaneous and chaotic - in some ways the complete opposite of Singapore. This makes it an even more interesting city.

Anonymous said...

an interesting city with ethical consiousness, they may fight like crazy in parliament but atleast they are humane to uege public to sterilise stray cats. No point acting like gentlemen but produce cold blooded culling regulations.