Monday, January 21, 2008

These friends you don't need

I had an email from a caregiver. Apparently there are people feeding cats upstairs in a block and there have been complaints. She went up and spoke with the people feeding and asked them to stop. Not surprisingly, they said the cats weren't theirs and that they could not stop the cats from coming up. She has tried repellents, mothballs and the like for the past two days.

She said that she spoke with the complainant who had spoken with me a while ago. The complainant she said was quite nice and had used mothballs, sticks in their flowerpots and bleach but said they could not do so all the time. Here's the strange thing - the complainant used to feed the cats too! At the same time, the complainant told the caregiver that it could not be the orange cat defecating as he was 'friends' with the orange cat.

The caregiver is at her wit's end at this point. She asked for advice. I asked her to emphasise to the complainant that the cats would be killed - all of them, including his friend the orange cat.

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