Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Direction of CWS

For those of you wondering what direction CWS will be taking, here's a message from President Michelle Lee on what you can expect from the Society in the year to come.


veganmeow said...

Mediation with TC is most important. Some simply refuse to deal with caregivers directly...sigh

Dawn said...

I'm not sure if this included mediation with TCs and would encourage you to email the Society anyway and ask if anyone can help if you need their help.

Anonymous said...

Corporate bullying on private citizens must be discouraged. At my neighbourhood, saw 2 AVA vans and police outside a house over some dog issues. AVA officers even stood guard over the backyard of the house some CSI.
More solutions and forgiving if people refrain from calling police and animal control... call the animal welfare instead.

Friendly solutions for neighbourhood harmony. Humans do not get fines and animals need not be given up. Mediation is an art and Dawn is the guru.

Dawn said...

Anonymous - you're too kind. Seriously I think most people can learn to mediate quite effectively.