Wednesday, January 30, 2008

It's about the cats?

This woman wrote in again - apparently several people wrote to tell her off for not getting all the cats sterilised and she was most upset. She said that she was very disappointed that no one went down to help her because she had been told off by the family in the estate where she feeds. She also said that the family is not unhappy with the population of the cats, and do not want them killed. She said the issue was with defecation. The feeder also complained that she was upset that people are not dealing with the important issue - what she says is harassment - and are instead talking about sterilisation. She has said that she has found another feeder, and given them the food and told them to feed for her from now on as she 'has' to stop - she apparently called the police but the policeman told her that the residents have a right to speak with her as they are residents there . She insisted that she didn't run away from the situation and that she only cares for the cats.

I found this quite unusual - first of all, if the complaint was about defecation, then what did she do to offer solutions and explain what she is doing? Secondly, if her consideration is that she 'only wants to help the street cats' then the cats aren't in any danger because according to her, the family isn't going to trap the cats (whether this is true or not, I have my doubts - some people if they feel that they have been pushed beyond a certain point, will trap). Also, if her 'only' concern is the cats (which she said), then the issue of the family telling her off is really secondary, because it has nothing to do with the cats. It has to do with her being unhappy at being told off. Sterilisation however, IS directly relevant - to the cats.

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Anonymous said...

She should try to be in the estate family's shoes - she is in fact 'harassing' them by feeding (and increasing) cats in their vicinity.
When there are more cats, there will be more defecation-and the families are getting the shitty end of her feeding.

When there are many unsterilised cats in one spot, the cats run the risk of being caught and put down. i hope she realised that the cats that she claimed to "care for" are in danger-result of her feeding and not sterilising.
Her 'good' deeds benefitted only her own well-being - certainly not the families being inconvenienced and the unsterilised cats, targets for culling. She is in fact 'farming' more cats for culling.