Monday, January 7, 2008

Japanese Pet Owners gets 'family allowance'

Okay - so it's really not a lot of money ($9!) but it's a step in the right direction. Animals are an integral part of the family unit for a lot of people and it's time they are recognised as such. Some people I know mentioned that when they were asked to work overseas, there were problems about making arrangements to take their animals along. Companies were reluctant to help pay for the animals to be relocated. On the other hand, these same companies would spend a considerable sum on education of children. The cost of transporting the animals is usually a fraction of what it costs to educate and transport a child (or children) to the parent's new job posting.

I'm not suggesting that children are the exact equivalent to animals - but I DO think that for many people, the animals are part of their families, and it is a wise company that appreciates that and makes arrangement for staff that are sent overseas for example. I would think staff would be much more inclined to go abroad - and to be more loyal to a company that takes care of the welfare of themselves and their families, both human and animal.

Even for those employees who aren't the most responsible of owners, it would be helpful. It would certainly help to cut down on abandonment for example if employees are posted overseas - they would be more inclined to take their animals with them and there might be less dumped animals when people go to their next posting.


Chinky said...

I have yet to hear of sympathetic local bosses but I have heard of at least two "angmo" bosses who allowed their employees to take compassionate leave when their canine companions passed away.

Dawn said...

chinky - that is very nice.

Anonymous said...

Once my boss remarked to me that his friend cancelled a trip on him because their dog is very sick and dying. My boss finds it very amusing, nothing funny i think. Some people just don't understand..