Friday, January 18, 2008

Resident Cat

Cat, originally uploaded by dawnkua.

Unlike some other condominiums, this condo I visited had resident cats - and they even had new collars given to them at Christmas. What a nice change :) As you can see the cats there are sterilised and managed.


Anonymous said...

One way of protecting the cats in our precinct is to identify residents who are friendly to them and then give them the name of the town council property manager and officers so that they can call and said ....these downstairs are OURS and we do not want them removed for any reason!
Otherwise TC will only think that people only hate cats and no one really care if they are around or not!
Often I hear residents lamenting the disappearance of familiar cats. It is to empower them to speak out for the cats.
Print the telephone numbers of the TC officers and ask them to call!!

Dawn said...

Yes well said - CWS has a factsheet with all the TC's numbers that you can use.

Anonymous said...

Use this example and write to your MP to show how important it is to have RULES instead of BAN. Once these irresponsible owners are threatened with $$, they will either be responsible or will not pick or lure cats up.