Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Report on PETA

Thanks to Simian for this news report on PETA. They've been known not to be supportive of TNR. Jolanda and I had a not very pleasant experience with some people who claimed to be the PETA representatives for this region a few years ago which left a pretty bad taste in the mouth. Since then I can't say I've been a fan.


calsifer said...

i've always been a vascillator about them. On the one hand, they've helped to raise awareness, especially where the mundane's involved, eg the cruelty we silently support just in the meat we eat.

But their tactics can be quite tasteless, and of course the shockingly shameless revelation that they've killed almost all the animals in their shelter jsut leaves a really bad taste.

eslina said...

They are good in promoting awareness but at times I think sometimes their stunts are too extreme that the good message is lost on people.

Dawn said...

I agree their messages do draw attention - but if they don't translate to animals being saved, then what's the point? I was very disappointed in the one case I dealt with some of their purported representatives.

Anonymous said...

The employees' behaviour is really creepy and cult-like..I read that the woman gushed about how sweet and adorable the kittens were..then took them to her van minutes later and killed them!
Why is it the sickos who do these things always claim to love animals?

I knew about this case a long time ago but didnt know that these actions were officially sanctioned by PETA. Great, now I know what a
HUGE disgrace they actually are to the animal rights movement.